ADA Series Bleachers Vertical Picket Guardrail

ADA Series Bleachers Vertical Picket Guardrail

ADA Series Bleachers feature wheelchair seating areas to meet ADA accessibility requirements. When planning an ADA bleacher, it is important to keep these 4 key guidelines in mind; quantity, location, access, and sightlines.

More Details

  • Aluminum angle understructure 8" rise/row
  • 2 X 10 anodized aluminum seat plank
  • Double mill finish aluminum foot plank
  • 1 X 6 riser rows 1-up, (2) 1 X 6 top row risers
  • (1) vertical aisle & handrail
  • ADA seating area with companion seats
  • Chain-link guardrail
Product Options
Model # rows lengths seats weight drawing spec sheet 3D
NA-0515ADA_VP 5 15' 34+2HC 1111 Add NA-0515ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0515ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0519.5ADA_VP 5 19.5' 45+2HC 1280 Add NA-0519.5ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0519.5ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0521ADA_VP 5 21' 48+2HC 1414 Add NA-0521ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0521ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0527ADA_VP 5 27' 58+4HC 1707 Add NA-0527ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0527ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0815ADA_VP 8 15' 58+2HC 1791 Add NA-0815ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0815ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0819.5ADA_VP 8 19.5' 75+2HC 2063 Add NA-0819.5ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0819.5ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0821ADA_VP 8 21' 77+4HC 2311 Add NA-0821ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0821ADA_VP from Quote
NA-0827ADA_VP 8 27' 100+4HC 2743 Add NA-0827ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-0827ADA_VP from Quote
NA-1021ADA_VP 10 21' 99+4HC 2888 Add NA-1021ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-1021ADA_VP from Quote
NA-1027ADA_VP 10 27' 128+4HC 3443 Add NA-1027ADA_VP to Quote Remove NA-1027ADA_VP from Quote

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