National Recreation Systems is excited to have been awarded a Cooperative Purchasing contract in the bleacher category through Sourcewell.

Sourcewell is a government organization offering a comprehensive cooperative purchasing program with more than 400 competitively solicited contracts. These contracts are made available to government, education, and nonprofit entities across North America, allowing them to streamline their procurement processes while maximizing cost savings.  

National Recreation Systems is excited to be part of Sourcewell's network, and we look forward to delivering exceptional bleacher solutions to government, education, and nonprofit organizations through this partnership.

Traditionally, buyers would have to go through a lengthy bid process of around 11 steps just to purchase the product however, with Sourcewell we can simplify the process down to 4 essential steps. 

  1.  Discover the Products Needed
  2. Research Options
  3. Issue Purchase Order
  4. Receive your Products

The full bid process still happens, but instead of you having to spend more time than you would like trying to acquire the products necessary to improve your organization, Sourcewell does the brunt of the process for you. Now you'll have more time for more important things!

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Sourcewell participation is available to all government and education (public and private) entities including cities, counties, Indigenous American peoples, Charter Schools, and higher education. Tax-exempt organizations like hospitals, nursing homes, and rural power cooperatives are also welcome to participate in Buy Sourcewell. 

Membership is free with zero obligations. By participating in Buy Sourcewell you can reduce protests from other competing companies and establish a paper trail between members and Sourcewell to justify your purchasing decision.  

As an experienced leader in bleacher systems, we'll guide you during decision-making to improve your facility.

For almost 40 years, National Recreation Systems has been a trusted partner in thousands of projects involving bleachers, benches, and renovations. Our angle frame bleachers are easily reachable and align with your budget and long-term needs.