Aluminum Bleacher Planks and Repair Parts

Every set of bleachers is unique, and with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, we've worked on them all — including wooden bleachers. Over the years, clients seeking to revamp their aging wooden bleachers have come to us requiring new aluminum planks or spare components. We offer a complete range of bleacher parts and aluminum bleacher planks that you can use to repair your existing bleacher system. See below for a list of parts we can provide based on your needs.

Our Bleacher Parts & Components 

  • Aluminum Bleacher Planks 
  • Aluminum Deck Boards
  • Bleacher Handrails
  • Bleacher Guardrails
  • Bleacher Stairs
  • Outdoor Bleacher Parts
  • Bleacher Hardwear
  • Aluminum Bleacher End Caps
  • Aluminum Bleacher Accessories


Our bleacher parts are available for purchase independently. Let us repair or replace your old bleachers. Get a custom quote for any new parts you need!


As an experienced leader in bleacher systems, we'll guide you during decision-making to improve your facility.

For almost 40 years, National Recreation Systems has been a trusted partner in thousands of projects involving bleachers, benches, and renovations. Our angle frame bleachers are easily reachable and align with your budget and long-term needs.