ADA Series Bleachers Chain-Link Guardrail

ADA Series Bleachers Chain-Link Guardrail

ADA Series Bleachers feature wheelchair seating areas to meet ADA accessibility requirements. When planning an ADA bleacher, it is important to keep these 4 key guidelines in mind; quantity, location, access, and sightlines.

  1. Quantity - The number of wheelchair accessible spaces should follow the chart.
  2. Location - The location of the wheelchair spaces must be an integral part of the seating plan.
  3. Access - Wheelchair spaces must be on an accessible route.
  4. Sightlines - Where applicable spaces shall be dispersed providing spectators with choices of viewing angles with lines of sight equivalent to other members of the audience.

More Details

  • Aluminum angle understructure 8" rise/row
  • 2 X 10 anodized aluminum seat plank
  • 2 X 10 anodized aluminum seat plank
  • 2 X 10 anodized aluminum seat plank
  • Double mill finish aluminum foot plank
  • 1 X 6 riser rows 1-4, (2) 1 X 6 top row risers
  • (1) vertical aisle & handrail
  • ADA seating area with companion seats
  • Chain-link guardrail
Product Options
Model # rows lengths seats weight drawing spec sheet 3D
NA-0515ADA_CL 5 15' 34+2HC 1076 Add NA-0515ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0515ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0519.5ADA_CL 5 19.5' 45+2HC 1244 Add NA-0519.5ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0519.5ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0521ADA_CL 5 21' 48+2HC 1367 Add NA-0521ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0521ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0527ADA_CL 5 27' 62+4HC 1661 Add NA-0527ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0527ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0815ADA_CL 8 15' 58+2HC 1716 Add NA-0815ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0815ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0819.5ADA_CL 8 19.5' 75+2HC 1980 Add NA-0819.5ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0819.5ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0821ADA_CL 8 21' 77+4HC 2222 Add NA-0821ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0821ADA_CL from Quote
NA-0827ADA_CL 8 27' 100+4HC 2643 Add NA-0827ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-0827ADA_CL from Quote
NA-1015ADA_CL 10 15' 74+2HC 2164 Add NA-1015ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-1015ADA_CL from Quote
NA-1019.5ADA_CL 10 19.5' 95+2HC 2498 Add NA-1019.5ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-1019.5ADA_CL from Quote
NA-1021ADA_CL 10 21' 99+4HC 2793 Add NA-1021ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-1021ADA_CL from Quote
NA-1027ADA_CL 10 27' 128+4HC 3338 Add NA-1027ADA_CL to Quote Remove NA-1027ADA_CL from Quote

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