Inspection Upon Arrival Checklist


After you receive your bleachers, you may have questions on how to store them, when they should be installed, and what to do if you’re missing parts or if there is damage. At National Recreation Systems we are committed to customer satisfaction, and as America’s Most Trusted Bleacher Company we want to continue earning that trust. We have created a downloadable checklist to walk you through several of these predicaments as well as the inspection necessary upon arrival.  

Inspection Upon Arrival Checklist

Use this as your guide to answer all questions you may have after receiving your shipment. Don’t see the answer to your question? Contact us!

Shipment Inspection Upon Arrival Checklist 

Initial Inspection

  •  Take Photos of shipment before off-loading from truck 
  • Review Bill of Lading 
  • Verify pallet count 
  • Immediately separate mill finish planks face up to reduce the risk of staining (Do not stack)
  • Assemble within 180 days to receive factory assembly support

What to do if your Shipment has Visible Damage

Minor Damage

  • Take photos of damage prior to removing from truck
  • Note damage on bill of lading
  • Contact dealer within 3 business days with photos of damage ⏰

Major Damage

  • Take photos of damage, do not remove damaged product from truck
  • Only refuse damaged product on a full pallet
  • Contact your dealer immediately
  • Note damage on bill of lading
  • Contact dealer within 3 business days with photos of damage ⏰

What to do if your Shipment is Missing a Pallet or Parts

Missing Full Pallet

  • Note missing pallet on the bill of lading
  • Immediately contact your dealer
  • Provide photos of the pallets on site
  • NRS is required to provide the carrier 48 hours to find your missing pallet
  • If not found, NRS will work with dealer to deliver missing parts

Missing Individual Parts

  • Contact dealer with part information
  • Provide dealer with photos of product delivery
  • Dealer will work with NRS to ensure the proper replacement parts are provided.
  • Note: Dealer may choose to put you in direct contact with NRS to identify correct parts.
  • Dealer may also put you in direct contact with NRS to coordinate delivery.

Next Steps

  • Dealer will contact NRS. NRS will work with dealer to identify what parts need replaced. NRS will coordinate shipping out replacement parts with your dealer.


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