Baseball Field Design: Plan Seating for Your Fans

Both baseball players and fans can agree that there’s nothing quite like the energy you feel at a baseball game. For fans, some of the best moments are spent in the bleachers surrounded by friends and family, cheering on their favorite team with concession food in one hand and maybe a glove in the other. 

For players, the baseball field can feel like a home away from home. It’s where they both practice and play games. It’s where they might steal a base for the first time or even hit a home run. It’s a memorable place — with the cheering of the fans, the cracking sound of the baseball bat, and the excited chatter from teammates on dugout benches

So when it comes to designing a baseball field, you want to make sure you create a place that brings more moments like this to life. How do you start? Well, let’s walk through it together from the beginning.

Origins of Baseball and Field Design

The true origins of baseball have been disputed for more than a century. Some believe that it started from the game Oină, a medieval Romanian game that has many similarities to baseball. Others believe the traditional game of baseball is a North American derivative of early ball-and-bat games like rounders and cricket. 

Those early games had variations in what they were called and how they were played. These variations included games like “stoolball”, “poison ball”, and “goal ball”. Over time, these variations eventually evolved into what we know today as baseball. 

In fact, the game of baseball first surfaced in the United States in the 18th century. At this time, people played the game by their own informal rules until amateur and semi-professional “baseball clubs” were formed. Later, after the American Civil War, the first professional leagues arrived.

Spectator Seating for Baseball Fields

Planning out spectator seating is arguably just as important as designing the baseball field. The spectators are the voice of the game. Whether they’re parents of little leaguers or school-spirited students cheering on their baseball team, spectator seating should be prioritized during the baseball field design process. 

Give your fans, spectators, and visitors the best choice of aluminum bleachers, picnic tables, and benches from National Recreation Systems (NRS). 

If you need spectator seating for youth leagues or recreational teams, look into our aluminum bleachers. We offer 3-row, 5-row, 8-row, and 10-row models. We also offer ADA series bleachers featuring wheelchair seating areas with companion seating to meet ADA accessibility requirements. 

For your larger stadium seating, we offer high-capacity stadium seating. Our custom-designed bleachers are available with many features and options to meet your specific needs. Our in-house design and engineering departments can take your facility seating project from concept to reality on a budget and on time. 

If you’re looking for additional spectator seating options, our aluminum or steel leg benches are great for overflow seating or even dugout benches. Dugouts are the perfect place for players to get out of the sun, store their gear, and rest while waiting to bat. Our aluminum benches are ideal dugout benches. No baseball game would be the same without a designated area for players to sit and cheer their teammates to victory from the dugout. Dugout benches are a baseball field staple and give players the retreat they need to keep the game going strong. 

Aluminum benches give your team a place to rest along the sidelines. Memories are made on team benches as players cheer their teammates to victory. We offer benches with Powder Coated seats, backrests, and shelves. Add your team colors with our protective coat to improve appearance or reduce glare.   

At NRS, we are committed to fabricating quality products to meet customer contract requirements in a timely manner. As a demonstration of our commitment, NRS will strive to provide customers with high-quality installations and customer service which exceeds expectations and promote customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our baseball spectator seating.